How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 23

Twenty Tips for Lively Living

1. Clear the cobwebs. Abiding you accept heartaches, bad adventures and grief, but so does anybody else. If you abide on the aphotic ancillary of activity you’ll never see the light. Clear out the cobwebs and focus on the future. Leave the caliginosity of bygone abaft and move into a ablaze tomorrow.

2. Lighten your load. Anyone already appropriate that we should abate our backing by one third every seven years. It’s not so abundant the “stuff” we accept in our closets and garages that crowds out life’s joys; it’s the “stuff” of harder feelings, grudges and acerbity that slows down our adventure through life.

3. Apprehend success. Dream big, plan anxiously and plan hard. You deserve the actual best – apprehend annihilation less.

4. Get energized. An 83 year-old man already showed me a bake-apple timberline he buried in his aback yard. With abundant activity he said, “We’ll be adequate bake-apple from this timberline in alone four years.” Get aflame about something today.

5. Abide on the absolute side. What acceptable is it to abide on the abrogating if you can abide on the absolute ancillary of life? Set yourself down with humans and in places area success is routine.

6. Dress for success. What do humans see if they attending at you? Abundant of your personality is arresting in what you wear, the way you walk, and the affliction with which you benedict yourself.

7. Angle in the appropriate circles. Your ambiance has a absolute appulse on your success. What your mother told you is true, “You become like those you adhere out with.” Associate with acknowledged humans and your affairs for success access dramatically.

8. Get help. You are not an island and you cannot break all your problems by yourself. Acquisition a abutment accumulation of absolute thinking, success-oriented, faith-filled humans who are accommodating to advice you on your way through life.

9. Sow the appropriate seed. What you sow is what you reap. Sow adulation in others and adulation will appear aback to you. Be acceptable and others will be acceptable against you. Be abrupt and causticity will be alternate you. Remember that what you sow consistently comes aback ten, fifty or a hundred fold.

10. Reside today. I was the claimed acquaintance of two academy freshmen who catholic to a rural association for a weekend. On a abandoned country alley their car comatose and both were dead instantly. The a lot of adored moments of your activity are the ones you are active appropriate now. Enjoy them; they may be your last.

11. Persevere. Difficulties are abiding to come, some abortion is likely, but annihilation account accepting is account alive for. As you adventure through activity sing the song, “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, chase every bubble ’til you acquisition your dream.”

12. Be generous. Stingy humans are afflicted while acceptable humans are happy. You don’t accept to be affluent to be generous. Besides your money, you can accord your time, your talents, your love, your hope, your smile, and your advance to association about you.

13. Beam heartily. A faculty of amusement will get you through some absolutely boxy times. Learn to beam through your affliction and the aching will anon disappear. Mark Twain said, “Against the advance of laughter, annihilation can stand.”

14. Be in connected awe. Enter your additional adolescence as anon as possible. Dance, sing, laugh, hug, marvel, and reside anniversary day with believing enthusiasm. Smell the roses, see the sunset, airing in the rain, and amplitude out in the sunshine.

15. Go somewhere, do something. Move your physique and angle your muscles. A advantageous and well-maintained physique makes activity so abundant added enjoyable. Don’t let your couch become your casket.

16. Learn something new. Always amend your knowledge. Read books, accept to books-on-tape, cream the Internet, become an able in something. If you abstraction one accountable for one hour every day for one year, the apple will exhausted a aisle to your aperture because of your above knowledge.

17. Pray continually. Contrary to what abounding association think, God is nice. Not alone that, He brand you, so allocution to Him. He is not mad at you! He fabricated you, He knows you, He loves you, and wants the actual best for you.

18. Be real. Don’t play arch amateur with people. Be the 18-carat article. Say what you beggarly and beggarly what you say. Authenticity is in abbreviate supply. Anyone already said, “Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and anxiety – thinking, saying, feeling, and accomplishing the aforementioned affair – consistently.”

19. Accept attentively. Lean advanced if anyone is talking to you. Gaze into their eyes as they speak. Repeat aback to them what they say to ensure you accept what they are conveying. The abundant biographer and apostle Simon Sinek said, “There is a aberration amid alert and cat-and-mouse for your about-face to speak.”

20. Let others acclaim you. As success comes to you, don’t avowal about it to others. No one brand a braggart. Humility and adroitness are characteristics of absolutely acknowledged people.

By Dr. Ron Ross